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Effio-P CXD4129GG


The Effio-P CXD4129GG is a signal processing LSI for complementary color CCD cameras.
It supports 960H and 760H CCD image sensors with wide dynamic range, achieving high visibility under backlight conditions and scenes with high contrast.
This device incorporates both memory and microcontroller in the same package, which can realize various functions such as e-zoom, slow shutter, and other functions.


·Supports 960H/760H CCD image sensor
·Horizontal resolution of over 650 TV-Line
·Wide dynamic range function
·ATR-EX (Adaptive Tone Reproduction)
·2D & 3D noise reduction
·Digital image stabilizer
·Motion detection
·Privacy mask
·HLC (High Light Compensation)
·Slow shutter (Sens-up)
·DRAM & flash memory inside
·Built-in MCU
·LFBGA package (12 mm×12 mm)


Effio-P CXD4129GG
Effio-P System Configuration
Effio-P System Configuration


·Type 1/3, Type 1/4 960H CCD WDR
·Type 1/3, Type 1/4 760H CCD WDR
·Type 1/3 960H CCD Normal
·Type 1/2, Type 1/3, Type 1/4 760H CCD Normal

Item "Effio-P" "Effio-S" "Effio-E"
Product name CXD4129GG CXD4130GG CXD4127GG
Supported CCDs 960H, 760H WDR/Normal CCDs 960H, 760H Normal CCDs 960H, 760H, 510H Normal CCDs
Horizontal resolution Over 650 TVL
Wide dynamic range Yes No No
Noise reduction 2D&3D-NR 2D-NR
Day & Night Yes
Privacy mask Up to 20 masks 8 masks
E-zoom Yes No
Slow shutter
Yes No
Digital image stabilizer Yes No
AF detector Yes
Motion detection Yes
OSD Yes Preset OSD
Port driver 24 ports 16 ports
Automatic mechanical
iris adjustment
External synchronization LL, VSL, VBSLHP/HR, VRHR LL
Outputs Analog outputs Y/C separate, composite
Digital outputs ITU-R BT.656 (27 MHz)
ITU-R BT.601 (13.5 MHz, Y/C 16 bits)
CCD pixel number reference frequency (960H)
ITU-R BT.656 (27 MHz)
CCD pixel number reference frequency (960H, 760H, 510H)
Dual analog and digital outputs Yes